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Shrines & Altars

Shrines and Altars

1. The High Altar

The high Altar was designed by Fr. Henri Berghman, a Belgian born Redemptorist who was a member of the early community in Clonard. It is adorned with two large mosaics which depict the Nativity and the Ascension.


2. The Shrine of St Joseph


The Shrine of St Joseph was designed by the architect of the church, JJ McDonald. It depicts the role of paternal role of Joseph in the life of Jesus.


3. Chapel and Altar to the Sacred Heart


The altar was designed by Fr. Henri Berghman. The picture at the centre of the altar is the work of Italian artist Giovanni Gagliardi.


4. Altar of St. Alphonsus


St. Alphonsus Liguori was the founder of the Redemptorist Congregation that is based in Clonard Monastery. The altar was erected in 1917.


5. Altar of St. Gerard


The altar to St. Gerard was erected in 1917.  St. Gerard is a Redemptorist saint and the patron saint of expectant mothers,


6. Altar and Shrine of Our Mother of Perpetual Help



The altar of the Mother of perpetual help is one of the most striking features in Clonard.  At its centre is the Icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Help. Each year it is the focus of the Solemn Novena, which draws people from all over Belfast and elsewhere to the church for nine days of payer and celebration of faith.


7. Crypt


The crypt is located under the High Altar and was used to inter deceased members of the Clonard Community until the 1960’s. During November each year, it is opened to the public after Sunday masses. It is of special significance to Peace and Reconciliation ministry as during World War Two, the crypt was used by both Protestants and Catholics to shelter from German air raids during the Belfast Blitz.